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Hot Jock Naughty Plot, Scene #01

Hot Jock Naughty Plot

I've been fantasizing about tasting Ennio's cum for a while now but when the opportunity came, he decided he would no longer do gay scenes anymore. So the next best thing was to ask my friend Vinna to invite him to a tricked photo session. As I gave her secret instructions through a hidden ear-piece, her goal was to make him fuck her and collect a good sample of his cum so I can taste it afterwards. In case it didn't work as planned, she would have to use her ultimate weapon, the HypnoMask... ...

  • released : 02-21-2017 |
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The New Paperboy, Scene #01

The New Paperboy

Here's my new paperboy Zack Stock. He's been teasing me every single morning inserting nude pictures of himself in between pages. This morning he had no newspaper but still delivered a very steamy headline. ...

Starring Zack Stock
  • released : 02-14-2017 |
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Need A Hand Dominic?, Scene #01

Need A Hand Dominic?

Straight Dominic agreed to make a handjob video as long as he wore the mask. It was so nice to finally have the chance to worship his body, caress his muscles and stroke his shaft. Watching this scene, it is obvious that he liked it. Hope he'll be back for more soon! :) ...

Starring Dominic
  • released : 02-07-2017 |
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