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Sacha's Scenes

Sacha Returns

Sacha Returns, Scene #01

I have received a lot of requests for more clips of this hot football player. I'm glad you did cause that gave me the chance to play with his amazing body one more time. Never can get enough of Sacha ! ;-) ...

Starring Pascal, Sacha
  • released : 04-26-2007 |
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Blowing Sacha

Blowing Sacha, Scene #01

Sacha is the straightest guy I know and was very nervous about getting sucked by a guy for the first time. What if he couldn't get hard ? Those kinds of questions crossed his mind. Watch as I worship this hot football player's body and suck his cock until he comes in my mouth. Delish! ;-) ...

Starring Pascal, Sacha
  • released : 10-22-2006 |
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Sacha, Scene #01

Sacha is a very promissing football player. Currently in college and in need of some extra cash, he accepted to take it all off for my greatest pleasure. Look at those 6 packs. This jock is very impressive ! ...

Starring Sacha
  • released : 08-27-2006 |
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