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Ricky's Scenes

Twins' Contest - Ricky vs Ricky

Twins' Contest - Ricky vs Ricky, Scene #01

I've been dreaming about how things would be if one of my models had a twin. What would it be like to shoot a scene with identical twin brothers? That fantasy of mine, through advances in technology, I can now make a reality. It is with great pleasure that I bring you Maskurbate's first twins' contest, Ricky vs Ricky. The rules are simple, the first one who cums wins. Who will win and how? Which one is the more confident? Which one has the bigger dick? Let's find out! ...

Starring Ricky
  • released : 05-24-2016 |
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Peep Show

Peep Show, Scene #01

I built a temporary peep show booth in my house to shoot Ricky's next scene. I told him he would be dancing in the living room while I take pictures on the other side of the window. What he didn't know is that I invited some friends to sneak into the booth to watch him strip and stroke his huge cock. ...

Starring Ricky
  • released : 04-19-2016 |
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Under Watchful Eyes

Under Watchful Eyes, Scene #01

I hired hot stud Ricky to paint my bathroom. He's very handy so I was pretty confident that he would do a good job. Nevertheless, since I had to leave, I let him know that I would be watching his every move through the security camera. He made sure I was pleased with every inch of his progress... ...

Starring Ricky
  • released : 03-22-2016 |
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