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Peter Lipnik's Scenes

Stripper Service 3

Stripper Service 3, Scene #01

For his birthday, Peter called a young ripped stripper to his place. After his dance he decided that he wanted to get fucked bareback so, there was no way he was letting him leave this soon... ...

  • released : 04-11-2017 |
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I'll Tell Your Mom Unless

I'll Tell Your Mom Unless, Scene #01

Peter's new stepfather found his masked porn scene online. He threatened to tell his mother unless he does what he says. Peter had no choice but to accept. Seconds later, he had him all over his muscular body. Without wasting any time, the horny stepdad had Peter's uncut cock down his throat. Just when the young jock thought it was over, the real action began. He had to bend over and let him fuck the hell out of him. ...

Starring Peter Lipnik, Richard
  • released : 03-14-2017 |
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The Ultimate Sperm Donor

The Ultimate Sperm Donor, Scene #01

A mad scientist is looking for a the perfect sperm donor so he can create a sex machine superhero. From a very young age, Peter Lipnik had a higher sex drive than normal, which made him the perfect candidate. Every male & female he encountered had to have sex with him and he didn't disappoint anyone. Scientist Dick Knowles knew Peter was the One. Here's how he got his hands on the Ultimate Sperm... ...

Starring Peter Lipnik
  • released : 02-28-2017 |
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