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Nyko's Scenes

Husband Watches

Husband Watches, Scene #01

Vinna told her husband Nyko about the hot sex she had yesterday with a young jock named Ennio. Since he did not believe her, she decided to invite the gorgeous muscled dude over, without telling him that her husband would like to watch. As soon as Ennio found out what they hadin mind, Vinna's husband grabbed him so she could put the HypnoMask on. ...

  • released : 03-28-2017 |
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HypnoMask, Scene #01

I sent a HypnoMask to my hot straight neighbor. As soon as he put it on, he became all mine... I have commanded Nyko to enter my hotel room. I've heard he's got a large uncut dick. Time to find out! ...

Starring Nyko
  • released : 01-17-2017 |
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