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Mishka's Scenes

Mishka & Jordan

Mishka & Jordan, Scene #01

It's always a thrill to watch a straight guy taking the lead over another. Here, Jordan, our straight masseur from Brasil, takes on Mishka (the one with the full mask). Watch as Jo muscle worships Mishka and sucks his first cock ever ! ...

Starring Mishka, Jordan
  • released : 08-25-2006 |
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Mishka's Shower Show

Mishka's Shower Show, Scene #01

While Mishka was in town we shot several clips. This time we did a shower scene. I remember getting a hardon while watching the water go down on his muscular chest. Mishka is one of those rare guys capable of shooting on cue. This time, my shirt got full of it! ...

Starring Mishka
  • released : 08-15-2006 |
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Mishka, Scene #01

Mishka comes from another country and was in town visiting a friend. We met at a bar. He is a professional diver and has done some modeling. The only way I could get him to undress was to cover his entire face. He brought this monster mask, wouldn't have been my first choice but that made the session strange & exciting. ...

Starring Mishka
  • released : 07-28-2006 |
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