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Jeremy's Scenes

Roommate Agreement

Roommate Agreement, Scene #01

Let me introduce you to my new roommate Jeremy. He is a straight construction worker who just got laid off. I decided to help him get through this difficult period. But what's in it for me? We agreed that anytime he is in the house, no matter in which room he is, no matter what he is doing... he is all mine. ...

Starring Jeremy
  • released : 01-03-2017 |
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Jeremy Fucks

Jeremy Fucks, Scene #01

I find it exciting to watch straight guys fuck the Fleshlight for the first time. With that in mind, I invited Jeremy to my place. My only concern was the thickness of his cock. Will it fit in the toy? Will Jeremy like the experience? ...

Starring Jeremy
  • released : 12-20-2016 |
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Jeremy Unmasked

Jeremy Unmasked, Scene #01

Jeremy finally takes off his mask! It's been a while since I last saw Jeremy but he's still thegorgeous hunk I remembered. When he approached me to do a comeback video, I convincedhim to be unmasked because he's got such a beautiful face. I think people like him so muchbecause of his very natural build. This guy doesn't take any chemicals to grow his muscles. It'sall hard construction work and good nutrition. I think his 2 main attributes are his beautifulmanly face and his large uncut dick. There's something about that dick and the way he playswith his foreskin... It's so exciting! This scene ...

Starring Jeremy
  • released : 12-06-2016 |
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