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Jake's Scenes

One On One With Jake

One On One With Jake, Scene #01

Filmed as if our stud Jake is invited to your place for a private dance you won't soon forget. It is very hard to resist him when he looks directly in your eyes and ask you to come closer. If you want to experience what if feels like to have his hard dick inches from your face, then this scene is for you. All you have to do is let him in! ...

Starring Jake
  • released : 01-10-2017 |
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Sticky Way To A Crappy Day

Sticky Way To A Crappy Day, Scene #01

After a crappy day at work, hot stud Jake was eager to relax at home, watching TV. Unfortunately he found nothing good to watch. He closed it and decided to jerk off to porn on his tablet... ...

Starring Jake
  • released : 11-22-2016 |
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Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower Man, Scene #01

I hired Jake to do some work on my backyard. During his break, I offered him a little extra cash, modelling. He agreed as long as he could wear the mask. Done deal! Jake's body is very lean and ripped. He wants to gain more mass but I personally like him just the way he is. In addition, Jake is very well-endowed, a good 8.5 incher fully erect. He's never used a Fleshlight before so I decided to give it to him, as a gift, as long as he tried it during the shoot. A real joy to watch! ...

Starring Jake
  • released : 06-07-2016 |
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