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JC's Scenes

Tough Trade

Tough Trade, Scene #01

JC's favorite band is in town but unfortunately the concert is sold out. When he heard that I had front row tickets, he was willing to do anything to get them. Since I'm the nicest guy, I offered JC a tough trade: My two tickets if he lets me suck his cock ! ...

Starring Pascal, JC
  • released : 08-10-2011 |
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JC Unmasked

JC Unmasked, Scene #01

Hot carpenter JC performs unmasked for the first time on the web! ...

Starring JC
  • released : 10-14-2010 |
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Morning Break

Morning Break, Scene #01

I couldn't keep my eyes off the hunks working on my friend's house. One of them noticed me and came over to my place during his morning break... ...

Starring Pascal, JC
  • released : 09-15-2009 |
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