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Chriss's Scenes

Naughty Neighbor's Proposal

Naughty Neighbor's Proposal, Scene #01

Chriss received a call from his new neighbor who just moved in next door and has a great view on our sexy stud's living room. He proposed Chriss to pay his rent in exchange of a little show in front of the window. Believe me, you'll never look at your neighbor's window the same way again! ...

Starring Chriss
  • released : 07-12-2016 |
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Chriss, Scene #01

Chriss has been Jake's friend and gym buddy for a long time. They both have amazing bodies and are well-endowed dudes. Jake is very out-going while his friend is a little bit more reserved. I made Chriss dance for me while he slowly took his clothes off. I was quite surprise to see his huge dick fully erect. He told me it was 8.5 inches long but I think it might be closer to 9. I had fun taking close-ups while he played with his cum. A great debut for Jake's buddy. Can't wait to see more of Chriss! ...

Starring Chriss
  • released : 05-31-2016 |
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